Adopt My Home Loan


Home ownership is not only the American Dream, it’s also the largest investment most of us ever make. Yet, most homeowners fail to take advantage of future rate and/or payment saving opportunities. When you invest money into the stock market, you expect status updates from your financial advisor, don’t you? Why should it be any different when it comes to your mortgage?


This idea is so important that we now offer our complimentary Adopt My Home Loan service to everyone whether we originated your current mortgage or not.  This service continually analyzes your existing mortgage information and allows us to update you if there is any potential savings opportunity.


Here are the benefits of our Adopt My Home Loan service:

  • If market conditions change and we can lower your rate and/or monthly payment, we’ll notify you of the good news.
  • Every 90 days, we’ll email you an analysis of where your mortgage stands versus current market conditions.
  • We’ll also keep you up to date on critical mortgage information – things all homeowners NEED to know!

Enrolling in our Adopt My Home Loan service is as easy as filling out the form below.

Adopt My Home Loan Service FAQ’s:


Q: Is my information stored securely and will it ever be shared with anyone?
Your mortgage information is securely stored and is NEVER shared with anyone. The privacy of your mortgage related information is of the utmost importance and we take that responsibility seriously.


Q: Where do I find all the information needed to enroll in the Adopt My Home Loan service?
Most of the information needed in order to adopt your mortgage can be found on your monthly mortgage statement. But if you need a helping hand finding the information, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.


Q: What happens when I can save on my rate or monthly payment?
A: There are many variables that go into pricing one’s mortgage, just a few of which include credit score, income, debt and the equity in your home. Our service will notify us if you can potentially save money for any reason. When this happens, we’ll conduct an initial analysis to verify there is a benefit. Then we’ll call you to schedule a meeting to go over your options. Rates can change very quickly – so when you get the message from us, please be sure to call us back as soon as possible!


Q: What does the Adopt My Home Loan service cost?
There is absolutely no charge for this service. This level of dedicated service is what give our customers an ADVANTAGE, and we know you’ll love receiving the call when we’re in a position to save you money!